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Full-text searching of unstructured and semi-structured data is becoming more and more important in the world of computing. kinkadee Systems offers a new generation of knowledge-based software that uses neural networks and principles of human association, allowing you to search unstructured or semi-structured data quickly and intuitively.

  • For Technology Partners As a software development company, kinkadee Systems creates new solutions in the field of search engine technologies. If your company is interested in these fields, we look forward to hearing about your project plans.

  • For Investors As a venture capital company you are looking for truly innovative investment opportunities. With your support, we identify and develop new markets in the field of search engine technology.

  • What we doOur technology uses principles of human association to allow you to search unstructured or semi-structured information quickly and intuitively. Because this technology is literally "human", it also allows for easy and flexible system integration.

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